Navarathri -- Nine Days Of Mother Divine

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I am pleased to announce that The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen (in the Santa Cruz mountains of California) will be sharing 9 fire homas starting on Friday, the 12th of October, in honor of the Navarathri celebrations, the Nine Days Of The Mother Divine. (explanation, below)

there will be a homa a day until the 21st, the Vijaya Dashami or Dassara day (see below), when we'll have a longer celebration including a homa.

this is a special, and high divine time of the year -- a time to connect with the Mother Divine, in Her various forms, in a powerful and intense way, and to receive Her divine blessings to support and enhance our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and the lives of everyone on this planet.

feel free to come for one fire homa or as many as you like.

the full schedule for this 9-day festival is here:

& you'll want to consider car-pooling for events, especially the ones in Ben Lomond.

in Her love and blessing,

Alx Uttermann
One of the Head Chefs,
The Universal Church of Baba's Kitchen

NAVARATHRI (9 Days Of Mother Divine) CELEBRATIONS!!!

Navarathi is an incredibly auspicious time of the year, according to the Vedic tradition. It is the Nine Days of The Mother Divine -- a nine-day festival (culminating in the 10th day) during which the three top aspects of the Mother Divine are celebrated, connected with, and come together to form the peak form of Mother, Maha Kali (in some regions, this creation culminated in Durga).

During these nine days -- which in the Western tradition finds a corresponding resonance in the Catholic tradition of the Novena, or Nine Days of praying to Mary (through the Rosary) -- the Mother's energy is highly available to human beings for blessing, inspiration, and healing.

During the first three days, we connect with Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge & Wisdom. The second three days are dedicated to Maha Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth & Abundance. The final three days of the cycle honor Maha Kali/Durga -- Mother in Her fierce representation, the wife of Shiva, ready and able to play Her role as the Goddess Who Destroys Ignorance, Negativity, & Evil.

The 10th day, Dassara, or Vijaya Dashami, depending which part of India is referring to it, is the culmination of the nine preceding days -- it is on the 10th day when Mother, in Her fierce form, slayed the demon (rakshasa) Mahisasura. Mahisasura had gotten the boon from Shiva that whenever any blood fell from his body onto the ground, a thousand MORE Mahisasuras would spring up from it, ready to fight -- effectively making himself invincible to all the divine forces as individuals. But when they all merged their consciousnesses together, gods and goddesses, angels, rishis, avataras alike, into one peak form of Mother's divine energy -- they created Durga/Kali, who was able to defeat Mahisasura by drinking the blood from his wounds before even a drop could hit the ground!

Mother's victory over the collective forces of negativity and evil, as expressed by Mahisasura, is cause for celebration indeed!

The Dassara day is also highly sacred to our tradition for another reason -- it is the day when Shirdi Sai Baba took his mahasamadhi (his conscious death) from this world in 1918. "Mother is calling, I have to go to Her now..." he said, and breathed his last breath.

This day is an incredibly powerful day to connect with Shirdi Baba's soul energy & receiving blessings, inspiration, and healing from his soul to your soul.
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    --Fascinating. At our temple, we'll be celebrating in a slightly different way.

    --As you know, I'm a child regarding all this. I find it utterly fascinating, the differences in the two traditions! Of course, my teacher's last name (and the last name of all our lineage holders) is Sarasvati, so that may explain her position in our ceremonies.

    --Also, at our regular Yoga Asana classes, we chant to Ganesha first, Sarasvati second, and Guru third, then a teacher/student prayer.

    --Here's an excerpt from our guide to the ceremonies:

    ---The first three days of Navaratri worship the raw power and force of Ma Durga, annihilating selfish tendencies, negative karmas, and obstacles.

    ---After eliminating all limiting habit patterns of body, speech, and mind, the Goddess Laksmi is worshipped, bringing immense spiritual wealth, with which the practitioner can obtain the gem of divine wisdom.

    ---The last three days worship the Divine Mother as Sarasvati, Goddess of true wisdom, who, at last, delivers the knowledge of one's true essential nature.

    ---On the 10th day, we celebrate the culmination of Navaratri with Vijaya Dasami, the great victory which marks the trumph of having attained liberation while living in this world, through the descent of grace from Ma Sakti. We'll chant 1000 names of the Triple Goddess, Sri Lalita.