Hindu "Totka" for prosperity.

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Totka is a small ritual ..easily done..but under certain planetary conditions.

Within the TIME perscribed in Los Angeles time, please do the following. (convert the

timings to your time zones please).To be done by the 'head of the family'. This is for

wealth. Take a piece of SQUARE red cloth. Cotton/Silk any.Put in it 58 SHINY COPPER

COINS (e.g. penny). Make a knotted bundle & put away WHERE YOU KEEP YOUR MONEY

(moneybox).Whenever any money/cheque comes..put it in that money box for at least 3

hrs.(preferably overnight) and then spend it.This is an ancient Hindu 'formula'.Timings: On

the 9th 0230hrs to 1830 hrs.the same date.IT IS THE MAHA-ASHTAMI DAY OF THE

AUSPICIOUS NAVRATRI. This info is for universal benevolence & is NOT a

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