The once a year powerful vortex of Time: Mahasivratri

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Once a year, a powerful time vortex presents itself for us to attain enlightenment with ease. This is the day/night of Mahasivratri. For a yogi/ni, Mahasivratri is the “Day/Night of Yoga”, the time to transcend, transform, evolve and attain liberation. Mahasivratri has been observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India for thousands of years. Based on the planetary alignment with earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga as in being the Spirit having the human experience; as in being ‘liberated’ from the limits of the mind and as in having the grace of Source in our daily realities. This year of 2012, Mahasivratri falls on Feb 20th.
In practical realities, Mahasivratri offers-
- An ideal time to detox body
- The time to 'detox' the mind as in letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations.
- To create intent of resolution and a supreme prayer
- An inspiration to awaken the yogi within
- A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable evolve into the a life more attuned to our higher purpose with ease.
- To awaken to the joyfulness of “Being” as a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness as in abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.

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